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International Ministries
International Ministries

2020 International Ministries Trips

North Africa: May 12th-22nd (VC 20)
May 16th-24th
Jordan: June 13th -21st
Jordan: September 18th-27th
Jordan: October 2nd-11th
Jordan: October 16th-26th (Medical Trip)
North Africa: October 25th to November 6th

International Ministry Trips FAQs and Answers

How much does the international ministry trip (IMT) cost?
Depending on the cost of airfare (the most varying factor), trips typically cost between $2200.00 and $2700.00. Our international ministries department and trip leaders work hard to keep trip costs to a minimum.

What does the cost include?
The cost of the trips include airfare, food, housing, transportation in country (taxis, metro, buses, etc.), international traveler’s health insurance, and any trip specific costs such as entrance fees. Basically, everything is covered outside of personal expenditures.

Can I fundraise for my trip?
Yes, we encourage support raising for IMTs and assist you in the process along the way. We would like our church members to participate missionally – both in the ‘going’ and the ‘sending’.
Most importantly and whether they need financial support or not, we encourage trip members to seek the support of family and friends through prayer.

Are the gifts tax deductible?
In order to be tax deductible all financial giving for international ministry trips must be sent to the international ministries department, made by check and payable to Vineyard Columbus, and attached to the properly filled out form. Each IMT trip member is given this form, with instructions, after the first trip meeting. Vineyard Columbus will issue a contribution statement/receipt to all financial supporters. *Contributions directly made payable to a participant are not tax-deductible.
Donations are processed by the international ministries department, and trip members are given updates on the status of their donations received at certain intervals throughout the trip preparation period.

What is the Vineyard IMT trip cancellation policy?
If a participant is unable to go on their scheduled trip for any reason, contributions given toward their trip are non-refundable.
However, all contributions, less any administrative and/or other costs incurred (i.e. air ticket cancellation fees, visa fees, etc.) will be placed into VC’s IMT Scholarship account. If, in the future, the participant is accepted to go on another ministry trip, they will then have the right to apply to receive funding from the scholarship account.
If a scheduled trip is cancelled for any reason by VC, confirmed contributors to that trip will be notified and given the option to either a. have their contribution returned to them by VC; or b. have their contribution be retained by VC to be used for another charitable purpose.

What if more money comes in for a trip member than what they need?
Any costs contributed over the published cost of the trip cannot be refunded; instead these contributions will be applied towards general and/or common expenses of the particular trip or be used elsewhere at the direction of VC.

What is the process for signing up for a mission trip?
Upon selecting the dates and prayerfully appointing leaders for a particular trip, we promote IMTs as quickly as possible at each campus through international ministry trips fairs and various social media. IMT applications are available during these trip promotions, and afterward through email if a potential applicant has signed up to be contacted by our international ministries department. The trip leader sets an application due date, and after prayerfully considering the applicants will select their team within 2-3 weeks. At this time each applicant will be contacted regarding whether an applicant was selected to participate or not.

How are applicants selected?
With much prayer and the guidance of the international ministries department, trip leaders select applicants based on potential team demographics (we try to have teams that are multi-ethnic and multi-generational), skills and experience, maturity in their walk with Jesus, reasons for choosing to apply to the trip, and any trip specific requirements (i.e. medical certification). We also ask that trip members be members of Vineyard Columbus, as well as be committed to a small group.

What kind of preparation will I receive prior to the trip?
IMT trip participants will be asked to attend a majority of the monthly pre-trip preparatory meetings for the six months leading up to their departure date. During these meetings team members will be equipped with biblically based training regarding mission, participate in team building, planning, and prayer, hear special guests talk about trip specific topics, and be given the information relevant to the country of their field work. In addition, participants will receive from the trip leader via email important logistical and practical details such as flight itineraries, packing lists, vaccinations, donation status updates, and resources such as required readings or recommended books.

What is the minimum age for participating in a short term mission trip?
We do not select applicants under the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also selected for the same team. Under the appropriate circumstances and on a case by case basis, we encourage families to participate in VC international ministry trips. We also have an incredible VC youth ministry that takes international ministry trips every summer.

Can I apply to more than one mission trip?
Yes, however we encourage the short term mission trip applicant to prayerfully consider only one to two trips. We would like IMT participants to approach the mission trip with calling, purpose, and intentionality.

What will we do in the field?
Every mission trip is different, but most have a main elemental purpose or action. For example, some trips are designed to serve the poor or the sick. Other trips are intended to build relationships with Muslims. While other IMTs are intended to support the work of and encourage the long term missionaries in that location. For more information on the details of each trip, please click on the ‘trip descriptions’ tab above.
Regardless of what a trip member does in the field, the ultimate goal of every mission trip is to…

How long does the mission trip last?
Most IMTs are 10 days to two weeks in duration. This includes days needed for travel.

What kind of vaccinations do I need?
Necessary vaccinations depend on the location of your IMT. Your trip leader will inform you of any necessary vaccinations. You can also look up this information online using

What are the requirements to participate in a VC international ministry trip?
- Profession of faith in Jesus and a commitment to a life lived according to the scriptures and in Christian community
- Membership at Vineyard Church of Columbus
- Participation in a small group

What am I committing to when applying for a VC IMT trip and once selected?
- Raising support, or paying with your own funds, for the full amount of the trip within the determined payment deadlines
- Attending the majority (5 out of 6) of the monthly pre-trip preparation training/team building meetings

I have more questions. Who should I contact from the International Ministries team?
- Abigail Skofield – International Ministries Administrative Assistant
     Phone: 614-259-5369
- Ximena Lozada-Rosales – Ministry Assistant
     Phone: 614-259-5410

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