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Marriage & Family Life
Marriage & Family Life

Relationship Coach Training:

Become a Dating, Premarital, Marriage or Parent Coach!
The Coaching Model is the heart of our Marriage & Family Life ministry. Are you looking for a fun and rewarding way to serve together with your spouse, in your own home, around your own schedule? Are you a single parent or couple who has a heart for helping people grow in their parenting skills and the knowledge of God's grace in parenting?

Our relationship coaches receive training and resources (including an online relationship inventory) to pass along to other couples the grace God has given them in their own relationship. Relationship coaches meet 4-6 times with dating, engaged or married couples and parents. Join our community of coaches, and experience a new sense of God’s love, grace and truth in your own relationships.

If you are interested in becoming a Relationship Coach, please contact Mindy Layman at 614.259.5365 for more info about our upcoming trainings.

LIMRI Inventory

The Life in Motion Relationships Inventory (LIMRI) is an online assessment tool that measures friendship and shared values in dating, engaged, marriage and parenting relationships. The LIMRI is a reliable and valid instrument which is used in our Relationship Coaching Ministry. It generates personalized worksheets and growth plans that have shown to increase relationship satisfaction. Couples can find more information about the LIMRI by going to:

The Couples DISC Inventory

The Couples DISC Inventory is an online personality assessment. The Couples DISC couples to celebrate each other’s strengths and appreciate their differences. Couples can find more information by going to:

Our Classes, Groups & Seminars:

For questions, or more info about what we offer, contact Mindy Layman, 614.259.5365.

Singles and Dating Couples:

Dating without Drama

Dating without Drama will give practical information on how to begin and sustain a vibrant dating relationship by avoiding the drama that unfolds whenever dating relationships lose their focus and purpose. Open to singles and dating couples.

Before I Become a Spouse

Is marriage in your heart? Do you want to know more about what the Bible says about a Christian marriage? Come and learn how to become the gift that God wants you to be for your future spouse. Open to single men & women, and dating couples.

Engaged Couples:

Marriage Preparation at Vineyard Columbus


A 6-week class open to all committed dating couples, couples considering engagement and those already engaged! Come learn about how to have the kind of marriage God intended. Couples creating a stepfamily will be encouraged to attend two additional weeks in order to get equipped to create a family plan that will prepare both you and your children for success.

Premarital Coaching

This is the highlight of our premarital program, where we match a premarital couple with a mature married coach couple. Coach Couples help and encourage premarital couples to live out attributes that lead to a vibrant marriage.
Married Couples:

Married couples:

Journey to Oneness

Journey to Oneness is our foundational marriage class, for couples looking to enrich or restore their relationship. This class will encourage and equip you to honor God in your marriage. By attending this class, you will be eligible to participate in Begin Again or be coached by a married couple.

Marriage Seminars

Marriage Seminars are an on-going ministry opportunity that help couples to invest in their marriage and children on a regular basis. You will find encouraging and relevant topics at each seminar. These are open to all single, dating, engaged, and

Marriage Coaching

After an initial meeting with a pastor, you could be paired with a married couple from the church, who has been trained by our ministry, to meet with you several times and come alongside you in your marriage--discussing your strengths as a couple, as well as the areas in which you’d like to see improvement in your marriage.

Begin Again Marriage Restoration Ministry


Blueprints for the Family

God isn't as concerned about us raising perfect children as He is about us becoming more like Him. This foundational parenting class is designed to encourage parents to walk faithfully with God as they parent their children. This is a prerequisite for those interested in being matched with a parent coach, but is open to anyone.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaches meet 4-6 times to encourage and equip parents to honor God and reflect his love to their children. This ministry is available for Vineyard Columbus members, both couples and single parents.

Homeschool Network

We are a Yahoo! group network designed to offer support for homeschoolers. We offer information, moms’ prayer nights, social times for moms and children, and many other opportunities for connection. For more info, please contact Martha at

Recommended Reading:

View the full Marriage & Family Life recommended reading list.

Getting Married at Vineyard Columbus

Congratulations to you! May you walk in God's peace as you plan your special day! In order to begin the venue and officiant request process, please complete the Chapel Request Form and the Offsite Wedding Officiant Request Form. A representative from our Marriage & Family ministry will contact you soon. Please note that these are REQUEST forms. Submitting them does NOT guarantee the date or the officiant you request will be available. Completion of the forms simply begins the request process. We are honored that you desire to be married at Vineyard Columbus and look forward to coming along side you as you plan and prepare!

Marriage Preparation

Our premarital process is designed to help engaged couples build Christ-centered marriages. We value a foundation that includes the following:

  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Commitment to membership at Vineyard Columbus
  • At least a one year dating relationship
  • Living in accordance with Scriptural principles (maintaining sexual purity; participating in community life, such as a small group; growing in the knowledge of God and his plan for healthy relationships and family life)

There is no shortcut to building intimacy, trust and communication. Because it does take time to plan a wedding and prepare for marriage, we ask:

  • You to contact us for an initial appointment as soon as possible (at least a 5-6 month time frame to complete the full premarital program)
  • Both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be must fill out and submit the Premarital Information Form separately.

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