Marriage Preparation

Getting Married at Vineyard Columbus

Our premarital process is designed to help engaged couples build Christ-centered marriages. We value a foundation that includes the following:

Personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Commitment to membership at Vineyard Columbus

At least a one year dating relationship

Living in accordance with Scriptural principles (maintaining sexual purity; participating in community life, such as a small group; growing in the knowledge of God and his plan for healthy relationships and family life)

There is no shortcut to building intimacy, trust and communication. Because it does take time to plan a wedding and prepare for marriage, we ask that you contact us for an initial appointment as soon as possible (we ask for at least a 5-6 month time frame to complete the full premarital program).

Please contact Mindy Layman to schedule an initial meeting with the Premarital Assistant Pastor. At this appointment, a plan will be created to participate in the full premarital program, which includes:

  • Attending our 6-week How2Become1 Premarital Classes (pre-registration required)
  • Scheduling your Heart2Heart Coaching meetings with a trained married couple (4-6 meetings before the wedding)
  • Meeting with our Wedding Administrator to confirm a wedding date at the church, and/or a Vineyard Columbus officiating pastor, if needed.

For more information about getting married at Vineyard Columbus, contact Mandi Grohoske, 614.259.5234.

How2Become1 Premarital Classes

How2Become1 is a 6-week series of premarital classes open to all committed dating and engaged couples in our community, regardless of membership or participation in our premarital program. These classes will help determine marital readiness, as well as provide valuable tools for building a lasting, Christ-centered marriage. Two additional weeks of class are available for couples who will be creating a stepfamily.

You can register for the next session on our Events page, or by filling out the How2Become1 registration form and returning it to Mindy Layman. Pre-registration is required.

Heart2Heart Premarital Coaching

This is the highlight of our premarital program, where an engaged couple is matched with a Coach Couple, who will help and encourage them to live out attributes that lead to a vibrant marriage. A premarital couple will learn the following through coaching:

How to establish a strong identity in Christ through Scripture

How to communicate at a deeper level with each other

How to successfully resolve conflicts

How to understand each other's temperaments and value each other's differences

How to develop a shared spiritual life

How to prepare for a shared financial future

You will meet with your coach couple 4-6 sessions during your time with them. Each session is approximately two hours in length. You can count on receiving support and encouragement from your coach couple as you prepare for marriage.

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