Financial Ministry

The Financial Ministry exists to help people in their overall finances and stewardship to live with financial freedom. We do this by following Jesus in our finances, in practical and spiritual ways.

Whether people are doing well financially, in crisis or somewhere in-between, we have various classes, resources and coaching to assist people.

Some of the outcomes of following Jesus with stewardship are happier, more productive lives; generosity; less burden of debt and greed; moving to self-sufficiency; and better marriage partners. It also helps us enter into a closer relationship with Jesus and contribute to Kingdom activities.

For more information about our Financial Ministry, please go the to the Financial Ministry page on our website. 

Financial Assistance

The Benevolence Ministry of Vineyard Columbus exists to help members of our church who are in financial crisis. Assistance is limited to specific types and is usually offered once per year.

To learn more about this ministry, including how to qualify and apply, please click here.
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